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BLN products and services are designed to help you take better care of your family, home and the environment. We are proud to feature greencents a great online tool that gives you a road-map to an energy efficient lifestyle.


  • Personal online energy advisor tool (road-map) for an energy-efficient, cost-saving lifestyle
  • Ongoing education and information on lowering energy usage and conserving water
  • Products and services that lower energy usage and conserve water
  • Home delivery of products for personal convenience
  • Warranty Plans for 'Peace of Mind'
  • Identify-theft protection
  • Many other benefits related to better home care and improved home maintenance

Future products and services to save more money and precious resources. Customer Welcome material at no additional charge that includes $1,000 in restaurant and grocery coupons to help you save even more.

TLC Program – Best ‘give back’ program in the industry. Supports those who otherwise could not participate and find better living in a better world.

We offer subscriptions for a little as $33 per month that deliver a thousands of dollar and a life-time of savings plus environmental benefits year after year. Our program includes residual income for your church and church members to support your missions and projects and provide personal financial stability.

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