About Us

The Better Living Network The team has over 30 years of experience in the competitive energy and telecom industries with a particular focus on energy efficiency for the past 7 years. Adding to this we have many years of experience in direct sales and affiliate programs.

We care about bringing a better, energy-efficient lifestyle to people nationwide through local churches and non-profit organizations. The goal is to provide a way for individuals to save money and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle by showing everyone how to use greencents to lower energy usage and improve care of their families, homes and the earth we all share.

Everyone wants to do their part and most people don’t know where to start or how to be a part of the solution. BLN shows you how to spend smarter, not more, and how sharing this knowledge builds a better future for us all.

BLN leaders have a passion for helping people by providing REAL energy savings but we also want to improve lifestyles to save people money, allow them to take better care of their families and homes, and help heal the environment. We want to leave a legacy of a Culture of Caring.

Regardless of the dollars and cents, if we don’t genuinely help and lift people up – then we’ve failed. So our purpose for staring Better Living Network is to succeed.

The BLN team is leveraging our knowledge of energy efficiency and the industry as a whole to use a starting point, but the picture is much bigger than this. We just figured it best to start with what you know. What you don’t know will show up soon enough.

Our program is simple and straightforward we want to bring a cost-saving, energy-efficient lifestyle to everyone everywhere, no matter their circumstances or where they are. Everyone wants to be energy-efficient, save money and help the environment and our greencents program does that.

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